Soul. Soul is where we find our gifts.Soul is where we shape our beliefs. Soul is where we explore our purpose.

Soul and Roots


three pink tulip flowers
three pink tulip flowers

How does your Soul intertwine with your Roots? Let's delve into this first awareness: understanding the bond between your Soul and your familial roots. Contemplate the strength and power derived from your ancestral heritage in order to improve your health, healing, and happiness. Which aspects of your Roots should you embrace, and which might need reshaping or even letting go?


Your Soul is the cradle of your gifts. Ironically, we often neglect these innate talents, leading to unhappiness and unwellness. For instance, if you're a natural-born gardener yet pursue accounting for safety or familial expectations, you might achieve financial success but feel an unexplained void. Embracing and integrating your gift of gardening into your life, even in small ways, can lead you towards true happiness.


Soul and Rythm


What is the Rhythm of your Soul? Are you missing beats, unsure of your next step? Defining your Rhythm is crucial for aligning with your Soul's purpose. Perhaps your Rhythm stumbles when facing obstacles, or time constraints blur its clarity. Have you considered the Rhythm of your Soul? If you've ever felt destined for struggle, it's time to realign your Soul's beliefs with your Rhythm. This realignment can empower you to pursue your Soul’s deepest desires.



Soul and Rhyme


Have you tuned into your Soul’s Rhyme – the beliefs and narratives that shape your existence? Rhyme is about molding our thoughts to resonate with our soul's wishes and ideas. It's the process of understanding how our beliefs form the narrative of our lives. Consider how your beliefs have sculpted the Rhyme of your life.


The interplay of Soul, Roots, Rhythm, and Rhyme is a dance of self-discovery and fulfillment. It's about understanding and leveraging these elements that construct a life of Health, Healing, and Happiness.


Just as Rhymes in poetry create harmony through familiar sounds, your life's Rhyme should create a cohesive narrative. Reflect on how the Rhyme you've crafted so far has shaped your life's journey and dreams.

We are daughters of Harriet. Our Soul's demand we produce greatness.

Provider of Nutrients


Change Maker


Ancestral Mother

Spiritual Uplifter of Us All

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